Jason Robinaugh

Tech professional based in Columbus, Ohio


I'm Jason Robinaugh, and I've worked in media and tech for over ten years. I believe that technology has the potential to drastically improve every aspect of our lives, and that you don't have to live in the Bay Area to make an impact.

I had an unconventional start in the tech industry, working in terrestrial radio during and after college.

After originally enrolling at Ohio University with the intention of studying journalism, I found a passion for the entertainment side of media while working for ACRN.com, OU's student-run internet radio station. There, I served as an on-air talent, producer, traffic/continuity director, and eventually General Manager.

While still in school and working with ACRN, I also began working full-time at WATH/WXTQ, a locally-owned pair of commercial radio stations in Athens, Ohio. There, I worked my way up to Assistant Program Director, while holding down three on-air shifts as "Jason Stone," whom the Athens NEWS once said had "a voice like honeydew and the taste to match." On an unrelated note, nobody likes honeydews and they don't really have a taste.

In 2012, I began working for Futuri Media (then known as the Cleveland-based startup Listener Driven Radio), a SaaS company that builds tools for radio and TV station to interact with their audience (such as crowd-sourced request shows, mobile apps, social media monitoring tools, and podcasting software). I joined Futuri as a Support Engineer and advanced to the role of VP/Support and later to Product Manager, as the company continued to grow from 100 partner radio/TV stations to over 1400, many of which I visited personally.

My interest in technology deepened over my time at Futuri, and I decided to pursue software development full-time, brushing up on my skills through the Columbus branch of Tech Elevator.

Now, I'm on the software engineering team at Root Insurance, a great forward-thinking startup that's reinventing car insurance for today's consumers. I'm on our Viral Mechanics team, working with our Ruby on Rails backend and React Native mobile app on our referral program and other features that create sharing opportunities for our policyholders and test drive users.

I live in Columbus, Ohio, with my wife Danielle and our hound dog Lucy.


Work Experience

  • Root Car Insurance
  • Columbus, OH
  • 2017 - Present
  • Software Engineer
  • Working on the Viral Mechanics team, also previously worked on the State Expansion / Pricing team. Our stack is a Javascript/React Native frontend and a Ruby/Rails backend.
  • Futuri Media
  • Cleveland, OH
  • 2017 - 2017
  • Product Manager, #engage and Futuri Mobile
  • Owned the products' development roadmap and vision, including several large product/feature launches. Increased client engagement/retention. Oversaw product developers and staff. Served as a product-team liaison to sales/marketing/support.
  • Futuri Media
  • Cleveland, OH
  • 2015 - 2017
  • VP/Support
  • Support team management, Help Desk management, customer training and support for programming, digital, and engineering. Coordinated and executed several key product upgrade rollouts for web, mobile, and station-side automation integrations.
  • Futuri Media
  • Cleveland, OH
  • 2012 - 2015
  • Support Engineer
  • Provided customer support, information, analytics, and training at all parts of the customer life cycle.
  • Athens, OH
  • 2008 - 2012
  • Assistant Program Director
  • On-air in every daypart (most recently PM Drive), music scheduling, imaging/commercial production, programming satellite/automated shows, online content management, part-time local sales.


  • Tech Elevator
  • Columbus, OH
  • 2017 - 2017
  • Java Cohort
  • 14-week Java coding bootcamp learning how to develop dynamic web based software systems using the Java programming language and platform including: Java Language Fundamentals, Object Oriented Programming, Web Application Development, Database Programming, Development tools and techniques.
  • Ohio University
  • Athens, OH
  • 2006 - 2010
  • Bachelor of Science, Communication
  • Majored in Media Management, with a Business Corollary. Participated in ACRN, a student-run online radio station, as General Manager and an on-air personality.

Programming Skills

Frontend Programming
HTML, CSS, Javascript ES6, jQuery, React Native, JSP, Spring Web MVC, Rails MVC
Backend Programming
Ruby on Rails, Java, SQL (PostgreSQL), JUnit, RSpec
Development Tools
Git, Atom, Eclipse, Buildkite, Heroku, CLI